Visual Art

Anastasia Michalopoulos

Eyes present a reflection of the soul. Throughout the exploration of individuals and their mental and physical states, I documented true expressions of emotions, representing the 2021 human experience. Photography allowed me to capture each individual’s spirit, off guard and emotive, enhanced during the painting process which illuminated the uncomfortable truth behind one’s gaze.


The eyes' luminous portrayal creates a sense of divinity, glancing upwards into the outer frame, the unknown.


Reflecting on the internal anxieties during this time of uncertainty, the limitation of light and harsh shadows between the purple and red undertones mirror the ‘restrictions’ from our past lives.

The absence of faith

The diluted colour palette and harsh chiaroscuro isolate the figure, heightening the emotional tension. Its unfinished nature displays the loss of faith that tainted the spirit of NSW citizens as the hues develop into their darkest pigments.