Visual Art

Victoria Gregorio

‘Lost Property’ consists of three emotive self-portraits created using oil paints on canvas. Influenced by paintings of the Renaissance, my work captures the torture I experience from Anorexia Nervosa and also the pure enjoyment I feel when practising art to escape from my illness. Creating my work was extremely uncomfortable while fighting an illness that aimed to diminish my body and existence. However, I leaned into this discomfort through painting myself and agitating against Anorexia. I wish to address negative stigma associated with mental illnesses which encourages people, including myself, to hide their struggles. My BOW outlines the reality and complex layers of emotional agony felt by those suffering, alongside the relief art provided throughout my pain. Art has the power to evoke feelings, stimulate a response and make a change, as I want my passion for art to inspire others to realise hope in dark times.