Textiles and Design

Taylah Boese


My Major Textiles Project is a two-piece high-waisted full length skirt and singlet top costume set, reflecting that of Belle in Beauty and the Beast. The skirt consists of partly recycled yellow materials full of textures and varying shades to help create dimension and form a story within my work. Two partly transparent layers overlay the patchwork, the raw edges are enclosed by a bias bound seam finish embellished with gold metallic machine embroidery. Winding vertically from the hem of the skirt are green hand embroidered vines (satin stitch, stem stitch and couching) using embroidery thread and wool which lead to hand made 3D red satin ribbon roses. The singlet top is simple on the front and more complex at the back with fly-away back straps and angling lines resembling the lines formed on the skirt by the patchwork.